Bravely be the vanguard, dare to be the forerunner-Jiangsu Changmei 2017 MEDTEC China Exhibition

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Bravely be the vanguard, dare to be the forerunner-Jiangsu Changmei 2017 MEDTEC China Exhibition

The three-day MEDTEC China exhibition has ended on September 22. As the China station of the world's most influential MEDTECWORLD medical design and manufacturing technology exhibition, the MEDTEC China exhibition site brings together medical design and R&D, raw materials, and accessories. 300 exhibitors in the fields of, processing technology and manufacturing services. As a professional provider of balloon and catheter-related product solutions, the company has participated in it for 4 consecutive years. After each MEDTEC China exhibition, everyone feels more and more the progress of China's medical device manufacturing technology, and realizes that only technological innovation can have a future market.

The equipment exhibited by the company this year, in addition to the balloon folding machine, cutting-edge molding machine, and developing ring pressing machine that have been available over the years, the focus is on the introduction of the first domestic fully automatic balloon molding machine, as well as machines that can be used in the medical balloon industry. The visual automatic inspection system makes the company stand out from more than a dozen exhibitors who provide medical balloon forming and related production equipment. At this exhibition, the company's research and development capabilities and the level of grasping the development trend of the medical balloon industry have been unanimously recognized by colleagues in the industry. During the exhibition, we conducted in-depth discussions with researchers from major domestic and foreign companies such as Medtronic and Shanghai MicroPort on the application of medical balloons, and initially established cooperation intentions and directions for some projects. The nylon balloon with a diameter of 40mm is full of praise.

Taking a broad view and making an appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair, Jiangsu Changmei will continue to in-depth research in the field of medical balloons, especially high-pressure balloons, and strive for the localization of balloons and the internationalization of products.



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