Changmei is a professional enterprise specializing in Kyphoplasty Products and Endoscopic Products, we have mature experience in medical products.
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Doctor Recommended

I've used CHANGMEI kyphoplasty system product since 2015 and find this product is with very good quality and friendly in-use. My favorite item is your kyphoplasty balloon catheter, which is for me perfect in use.
Prof. Hartmut Dohner
Prof. Hartmut Dohner
Ulm University Hospital

Over the course of about one year, I have used about 300 sets of CHANGMEI dilation balloon catheter and 3-stage dilation balloon catheter, including esophagus, pylorus and biliary dilation, without any complications.
Dr. Diego Rivas
Dr. Diego Rivas
Uniportal Vats Master, Spain

An excellent product of CHANGMEI mini biopsy forceps, which are compatible with a 1.2 mm instrument channel to allow successful sampling, We have used it in a large number of patients. Surgeries were safe with good performance.
Prof. Dr. Hasan Kulaksiz
Prof. Dr. Hasan Kulaksiz
Professor für Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie

About Us

  • Development Path

    Development Path

    Jiangsu Changmei Medtech Co., Ltd. (referred to as”Changmei Medtech”)was founded in 2013, which specializing in the design, research and production of all kinds of minimally invasive medical devices, with a particular focus on kyphoplasty products, endoscopic products and dilation balloon catheter, we have the comprehensive strength from original design, development to batch production.
  • Company Team

    Company Team

    Our team members have experience and background in different industries in enterprise processes and applications. We cultivate our team with professionalism and pursuit of perfection, thus providing the highest quality kyphoplasty products, endoscopic products and dilation balloon catheter products .
  • Cooperating Countries

    Cooperating Countries

    Through years of effort, Changmei Medtech already have good cooperation relationship with customers all over the world. For example, member companyies of Stryker and Medtronic, distributors from Germany, France, Turkey, etc, OEM partners from USA, Brazil, Russian, etc, which lays a firm foundation for our development in future.
Cooperative Partner
We are trusted by World Famous Companies.
Latest News
Congratulations to CHANGMEI's kyphoplasty balloon catheter for obtaining FDA certification, K223709. MDR is also in the process of conversion and is expected to obtain MDR certification in 2024.
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Exhibition plan - MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND(13 - 15 September 2023)
Published on 22 August 2023Changmei Medtech will attend the MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND, welcome to visit us.Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Hall 98 - 9988 Debaratna Road(km.1), Bangna Tai,BangnaBangkok 10260,Thailand13 - 15 September 2023Our booth number: AA14
Exhibition plan - HOSPITAL EXPO(18 - 21 October 2023)
Published on 22 August 2023Changmei Medtech will attend the HOSPITAL EXPO INDONESIA, welcome to visit us. Jakarta Convention Center18 - 21 October 2023Our booth number: Assembly Hall 99
Exhibition plan - MEDICA(13 - 16 November 2023)
Published on 22 August 2023Changmei Medtech will attend the MEDICA GERMANY, welcome to visit us. Messe Düsseldorf Germany13 - 16 November 2023Our booth number: Hall6 H40-C
Precautions for the operation of wireguided balloon dilatation catheter
A wireguided balloon dilatation catheter is a stent form that uses a wire guided balloon, consisting of a steel wire, a guiding balloon, and an operating mechanism. It can make great dilation angles and amplitudes under small changes, and its accuracy is higher than that of conventional balloons. It is suitable for dilation surgery of digestive tract stenosis and is an indispensable equipment during digestive tract dilation. So what issues should we pay attention to when operating wireguided balloon dilatation catheter? Next, let the dilation balloon catheter dealer give you a detailed introduction!
How to use dilation balloon catheter
The dilation balloon catheter is a treatment method that is inserted from the nasal cavity or oral cavity to the thoracic esophagus, and repeatedly expands the spastic esophageal entrance by filling the appropriate air bag or water bag to relieve local tension and make food easy to pass. So how to use dilation balloon catheter to treat gastrointestinal stricture? To solve this problem, let Changmei Medical, the dilation balloon catheter dealer, give you a detailed introduction!
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