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Dilation Balloon Catheter

The distal part of the dilation catheter is designed with a coaxial double lumen. The outer lumen is used to inflate the balloon, and the surface guide wire lumen allows the use of a guide wire (≤0.014in/0.36mm) to push the catheter until it needs to be expanded. of the narrow part.

The balloon catheter is designed to provide an inflatable portion of a defined diameter and length at the recommended pressure.

The catheter is fitted with a needle with a Luer port to allow irrigation of the distal lumen prior to insertion of an appropriate guide wire.

The dilation balloon catheter is a quick-exchange balloon catheter with a coaxial structure at the front end and also is mainly used for the development of coronary artery constriction in cases such as coronary cardiovascular disease. A unique dilation balloon catheter was used to expand the sore site, and after that the dilation balloon catheter with stent was sent to the lesion site, and also the balloon was inflated at 8 ambiences for 30 to 60 seconds to dental implant the stent.

It is used for balloon catheter of coronary artery stenosis or stenosis of bypass graft to improve myocardial perfusion.

For dilation, the physiological or therapeutic expansion of constrictions within the entire digestive tract, we offer solution such as dilation balloon catheter, 3-stage dilation balloon catheterand wireguided balloon dilatation catheter, that can be used in gastroscopy, enteroscopy or colonoscopy.

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