Methods of using Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter

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Methods of using Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Today, the wireguided balloon dilatation catheter has been widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is the most commonly used endovascular device in intravascular interventional surgery. The wireguided balloon dilatation catheter can not only be used to dilate the lesion and deliver the stent, but also be used as a support catheter to open the vascular lesion.

wireguided balloon dilatation catheter is inserted into a patient's blood vessel and sent to the lesion location. A certain pressure is used to inflate the balloon at the lesion location. The balloon can be expanded to a certain diameter and length to cut, expand and apply medicine to the lesion.

Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter

There are the following operating skills and precautions for the wireguided balloon dilatation catheter:

(1) Paralysis of nostrils before dilation: lifting up and down and moving the catheter before dilation and during intubation with a guide wire balloon can easily cause nasal mucosa pain, sneezing and other symptoms, affecting the intubation process. Therefore, before intubation, a cotton swab can be used to dip in 1% tetracaine for local nasal mucosa anesthesia. However, for patients with hypoesthesia or loss of nasopharynx, anesthesia may not be used.

(2) Application of expansion manipulation: active expansion or auxiliary + active expansion can be used for adults and children with delayed cricopharyngeal muscle after brain stem injury; The patients with benign stenosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy usually adopt passive dilation or active + passive dilation;

(3) Selection of intubation route: nasal dilatation can be used for general patients, and oral dilatation can be used for patients with disappearance of pharyngeal reflex, obstruction and damage of nasal cavity.

(4) Dilation technique: for patients with achalasia of the ring pharynx caused by brain stem injury, the more the water injected into the balloon is not, the better. For patients with swallowing movement that is easy to lead out, and the inability to lift up the throat, the operator needs to put his fingers on the hyoid bone for hint or resistance movement. During dilation, it can be combined with swallowing technique training, such as Mendelssohn's method and glottic swallowing.

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