What is a dilation balloon catheter

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What is a dilation balloon catheter

Dilation balloon catheter is an interventional medical device which is often used in the treatment of vascular diseases. Dilation balloon catheter is mainly composed of balloon, dilatation tube, catheter seat and guide wire. The dilation balloon catheter is implanted into the blood vessel as the treatment conductor, and the guide wire dredges the blood vessel through the catheter. The catheter does not need to be replaced.

The end of the catheter is a coaxial double cavity design The outer lumen is used to inflate the balloon, while the surface guide wire lumen allows the use of guide wire to push the catheter to the narrow area that needs to be expanded.

dilation balloon catheter

The balloon is mainly designed to provide an expandable part with a certain diameter and length under appropriate pressure.

The catheter of the dilation balloon catheter is equipped with a needle with a luer port to flush the end lumen before inserting the appropriate guide wire.

Balloon dilatation catheter is mainly used for balloon dilatation of coronary artery stenosis or bypass graft stenosis to improve myocardial perfusion.

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