What is the role of balloon catheter

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What is the role of balloon catheter

Balloon catheter is an interventional medical device, which can only be used once. The role of balloon catheter is to put a catheter into a patient's blood vessel when it is too narrow or the blood flow rate is slow to open the vessel so that the blood can flow normally.

Balloon catheter should also be selected. The diameter of normal trachea is 16-20mm and the length is 10-325px; The diameter of the right main bronchus is 12-15mm and the length is 1-50px; The diameter of right middle segment bronchus was 12mm and the length was 75px; The left main bronchus is 10-14mm in diameter and 125px in length. If the size of the balloon catheter is not appropriate, it is not good for the treatment of the disease.

balloon catheter

The balloon catheter is delivered into the blood vessel by puncture. There are five different mechanisms of action during balloon dilatation: 1 Plaque is compressed; 2. local superficial tearing of plaque; 3. the blood vessel wall of the eccentric lesion without lesion extends; 4. vascular wall extension with mild compression on plaque; 5. local rupture, fracture or tear of plaque with localized interlayer of pipe wall.

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