What is a kyphoplasty balloon catheter

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What is a kyphoplasty balloon catheter

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter is a special balloon, which can use the catheter delivery system to send the balloon to the lesion and expand the lesion. Kyphoplasty balloon catheter is designed to correct compression fractures and restore vertebral height. Doctors should choose the appropriate balloon for expansion according to the type of fracture; Sheath tubes with different outer diameters can be applied to different working channels to achieve precise expansion. Balloon with different shapes can adapt to different thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and other types of fractures;

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter has the following characteristics:

1.It can easily pass through the 2.8mm clamp hole and expand under the direct vision of the endoscope, which is safe and convenient.

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter

2.The sign with good radiographic development ensures accurate positioning.

3.The three wing folding technology is adopted to maintain a small diameter before expansion and easily pass through the narrow section.

4.It can be divided into through guide wire and non through guide wire, and the diameter of guide wire is 0.035 inch.

5.Made of high-tech materials, safe and reliable.

The above is the introduction of kyphoplasty balloon catheter. Changmei Methech is the manufacturer of kyphoplasty balloon catheter. We have many years of production experience in the production of kyphoplasty balloon catheter. If you have needs, please come to consult!

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