What are the advantages of a disposable snare

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Disposable snare is used to remove polyps of digestive tract and respiratory tract through the hole of endoscope. Disposable snare is an instrument that uses nylon rod to tighten the slip knot made with absorbable line or synthetic line in advance to ligate blood vessels, polyps or other pipe structures. Disposable snares are easy to operate and have been used in a variety of laparoscopic or abdominal operations.

The disposable snare has the advantages of safety, convenience and economy.

(1)Safety: the disposable snare is made of absorbable thread, which has little reaction to human tissue after being placed in the body; The operation is reversible, and can be cut directly when the ligation position is not satisfactory; The cutting force of the tissue is relatively small, so it is not easy to cut the tissue;

Disposable snare

(2)Convenience: compared with laparoscopic suture and ligation of tissues, the application of disposable snare ligation is simple, without other special instruments, and can shorten the operation time, especially for beginners, which is easy to master and use;

(3)Economy: the price of disposable snare is low, and its application can correspondingly reduce the consumption of expensive endoscopic cutting and closing device, and reduce the medical cost to a certain extent.

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