What is the function of endoscope foreign body forceps

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What is the function of endoscope foreign body forceps

Endoscopic foreign body forceps are a kind of surgical equipment often used in endoscopy. Endoscopic foreign body forceps are usually composed of foreign body forceps head, outer tube, protective sleeve and handle. The head is made of 06cr19ni10, the outer tube is made of PTFE, and the handle is made of ABS. According to the head type, it can be divided into four types: elliptical type, angled type, claw type and toothed claw type. The endoscope foreign body forceps are sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Endoscopic foreign body forceps can effectively judge and confirm the nature and extent of the lesion, so as to carry out targeted treatment.

Endoscopic foreign body forceps

Endoscopic foreign body forceps have the following advantages: 1 The tong head is made of medical stainless steel, and the head is carefully polished, causing little damage to the Tong passage hole; 2. The cutting edge is sharp after special treatment, with good coincidence and easy and reliable sampling; 3. Laser welding is adopted, and the connection strength of components is high; 4. The spring tube can be wrapped with super slippery plastic to effectively reduce the damage to the clamp hole; 5. The operating handle is optimized, with clear upper and lower dead points and comfortable hand feeling; 6. Sterilization package, disposable.

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