Under what circumstances is Kyphon balloon Kyphonplasty suitable

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Under what circumstances is Kyphon balloon Kyphonplasty suitable

In recent years, as China gradually enters the aging society, senile osteoporosis has become a high incidence of orthopedics, resulting in the pain caused by osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture, which has a great impact on the quality of life and family life of patients. At present, conservative treatment is mainly used in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, but the treatment effect is not ideal, and there is almost nothing to do to alleviate pain and improve deformity. Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty is a new minimally invasive treatment technology in recent years. 

This technology only needs to puncture the lumbar spine through the pedicle and enter the vertebral body. The compressed vertebral body is stretched through the balloon and injected with bone cement to play a stable supporting role. Because this technology has the advantages of small trauma, obvious effect and short hospital stay, it has been carried out in major domestic hospitals in recent years, especially in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, which can be moved to the ground 3 days after operation, and the postoperative pain is significantly relieved.

Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty

Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty is suitable for two cases. One is patients with acute vertebral fractures, which are often accompanied by unbearable pain. This treatment technique is suitable for this case. The other is patients who have chronic pain after conservative treatment and will have recurrent attacks for a long time, which is also suitable for Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty. For severe burst fractures, patients with incomplete posterior wall of spinal canal or serious collapse of vertebral body, and patients less than 1 / 3 of the original vertebral body height are not suitable for this kind of treatment.

Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty combines bone cement with cancellous bone in the vertebral body to increase the strength of the injured vertebral body, increase the stability of the vertebral body, and restore the height of the injured vertebral body to a certain extent, which can make the patient get out of bed early and reduce the occurrence of complications. With the continuous maturity and progress of Kyphon balloon kyphoplasty, it will become an important means of clinical treatment of osteoporotic compression fractures in the elderly, and bring good news for reshaping the spine health of the elderly.

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