What are the operation skills of dilation balloon catheter

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What are the operation skills of dilation balloon catheter

Dilation balloon catheter technology is an interventional technology developed in recent years. Dilation balloon catheter technology has a relatively good therapeutic effect on esophageal stenosis, anastomotic stenosis after esophageal surgery, digestive stenosis, cardiac retardation and other diseases. So what are the operation skills when we operate the balloon catheter? Let's give you a specific introduction.

1.It is recommended to paralyze nostrils before using balloon catheter

The dilation balloon catheter will move before use, which will cause the patient's nasal mucosa pain and sneezing, thus affecting the process of intubation. In this case, we can use tetracaine for local anesthesia of the patient's nasal cavity. After anesthesia, our intubation can be carried out smoothly.


2.Combination skills of expansion techniques

For adults or children with hypopharyngeal muscle retardation caused by brain stem injury, we can use active expansion or auxiliary expansion. Patients with benign stenosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy usually adopt passive dilation or a combination of active and passive dilation. In general, patients can use dilation balloon catheter to dilate through the nose. In case of disappearance of pharyngeal reflex, obstruction and damage of nasal cavity, patients can use oral dilation.

3.Skills of expanding water injection volume

For patients with hypopharyngeal atony caused by brain stem injury, the more the water injection of the dilation balloon catheter is not, the better. Based on the standard that the swallowing action is easy to lead out, for patients with weak laryngeal lifting, the operator needs to put his fingers on the hyoid bone for suggestive or anti resistance exercise, and the dilation can be combined with swallowing manipulation training, such as the relaxation of the dilated balloon catheter and swallowing on the glottis.

The above is the introduction about the operation skills of dilation balloon catheter. Changmei Methech is the dilation balloon catheter supplier. We were founded in 2013, specializing in the design, research and development and production of various minimally invasive medical devices, especially focusing on dilation balloon catheter, stone basket extraction and so on. If there is any need, please contact us by email!

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