How to use disposable polypectomy snare

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Disposable polypectomy snare is one of the commonly used digestive endoscopy accessories in endoscopic therapy. It is mainly used for polypectomy of digestive tract, protuberant lesions, flat lesions, and even resection of early cancer of digestive tract. Disposable polypectomy snares have a long history in polypectomy, and are widely used and classic. Through continuous development, the material and technology of snares are constantly improved. Combined with the needs of endoscopic doctors, the types of snares are also beginning to increase.

The disposable polypectomy snare is mainly composed of an operating handle, a SNARE core and an outer sheath tube. The function of snare device is mainly concentrated on the SNARE core. Of course, it's not that the outer sheath doesn't work. The outer sheath mainly plays an auxiliary role. The snare of disposable polyp resection snare is made of steel wire, which is easy to conduct electricity and has strong tension, and can achieve a better effect of "tightening resection". In addition, it should be noted that the larger the contact area of the snare used for power on, the better and more stable the cutting effect.

disposable polypectomy snare

The disposable polypectomy snare also has a very good therapeutic effect on the parts that are still difficult to be taken in special circumstances, such as the small curvature of the gastric body, the lesions of the duodenal papilla and the sigmoid colon.

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