What are the components of the dilation balloon catheter

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What are the components of the dilation balloon catheter

Dilation balloon catheter has been used in the dilative treatment of many diseases with its good bending performance and smooth top design. The dilation balloon catheter is generally made of nylon material with good plasticity. The balloon of the dilating balloon catheter can smoothly enter the semi occluded or completely occluded lesion position through the forceps hole. The design of the developing point on the dilation balloon catheter can accurately judge the position of the catheter when it is used. So what are the main components of the dilation balloon catheter? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

The dilation balloon catheter is mainly composed of three parts: tip, balloon and push rod.

The size and performance parameters of the tip of the dilation balloon catheter, such as diameter, length and hardness, can directly affect the ability of the balloon catheter to pass through the occluded lesion. If the tip is conical, the tracking ability of the catheter is enhanced because the diameter of the balloon tip is reduced. Generally speaking, balloon dilating catheter with short hard head is suitable for the treatment of severe stenosis, while dilating catheter with long soft head is more suitable for the treatment of tortuous lesions.


The material of the balloon has a great influence on the compliance of the dilation balloon catheter. The balloon compliance of PET material is small, while that of POC is large. The retraction performance of the dilation balloon catheter refers to the recovery ability of the balloon diameter after balloon dilation and aspiration, which can be used as one of the indicators to evaluate the balloon passing through the lesion, which is also related to the balloon material. At present, hydrophilic coating materials are mostly used on the surface of the balloon, which improves the ability of the balloon to pass through the lesion.

The push rod materials of dilation balloon catheter can be divided into polymer materials and metal materials. The balloon push rod made of polymer material will reduce the friction during pushing, and the push rod made of metal material can have better pushing performance. The relationship between the outer diameter of the balloon push rod and the inner diameter of the guide catheter should also be considered when multiple balloon expansion catheters need to be sent at the same time to deal with lesions, such as bifurcation lesions.

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