Skills of extracting esophageal foreign bodies with endoscopic foreign body forceps

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The endoscopic foreign body forceps are composed of the head of the foreign body forceps, the outer tube, the protective sleeve and the handle. The head is made of 06cr19ni10, the outer tube is made of PTFE, and the handle is made of ABS. According to the head type, it can be divided into four types: elliptical, angled, claw and toothed claw. The endoscopic foreign body forceps are used in conjunction with the endoscope to clamp and remove foreign bodies in the human digestive tract. So what are the skills of extracting esophageal foreign bodies with endoscopic foreign body forceps? Let's give you a specific introduction.

First observe the throat, including the piriform recess on both sides. If there is no obvious sign of foreign body, gently try to enter the lens slowly from the piriform recess on one side and inject air for observation. If there is no foreign body, slowly withdraw the lens and inject air. Then observe the situation around the esophagus entrance again to determine whether the foreign body exists. If necessary, slowly enter the mirror from the pear shaped recess on the other side and inject air for observation.

endoscopic foreign body forceps

When foreign bodies are found to remain, attention should be paid to the penetration of foreign bodies into the esophageal wall, including one end or both ends, and the possible depth of penetration. Then clamp the foreign body with an appropriate endoscopic foreign body forceps to make it coaxial with the esophagus and the endoscope. Try to put the foreign body close to the end of the endoscope, hold the endoscope with your right hand close to the mouth pad, and pull it out slightly. Wait for the moment when the patient's esophagus opens, and pull the foreign body out of the esophagus with the endoscope. Once there is resistance during the pulling out process, never continue to pull it out, but wait for the next relaxation of the esophagus to pull it out, so as not to scratch the esophageal wall.

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