What are the types of dilation balloon catheter

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What are the types of dilation balloon catheter

Dilation balloon catheter is a kind of medical device that has sprung up in recent years. It can be used as an auxiliary dilation treatment for gastrointestinal stenosis and dilation, coronary artery stenosis and dilation or other diseases. The expansion balloon catheter with excellent quality can improve the tracking ability, reduce the radiation time, so as to shorten the operation time. At the same time, it can shorten the length of steel wire, which is convenient for sterile operation. So what are the main types of dilation balloon catheter? Let's give you a specific introduction.

At present, the dilation balloon catheter is basically divided into four types: rapid exchange type, integral exchange type, fixed wire balloon and perfusion balloon. In addition, there are special types of dilation balloon catheter, such as double wire balloon, cutting balloon, drug balloon and so on. According to the functional characteristics, it is divided into high compliance balloon, semi compliance balloon, low compliance balloon and non compliance dilation balloon catheter.

1.OTW dilation balloon catheter

OTW dilation balloon catheter is an integral exchange balloon. OTW dilation balloon catheter has the advantages of easy wire exchange and good tracking. When the guide wire is difficult to pass through the occlusive lesion, OTW dilation balloon catheter can be used to provide additional support, similar to the role of microcatheter. If the guide wire still cannot pass through the lesion, OTW dilation balloon catheter can be used as a transmission catheter to exchange other guides. After the guide wire passes through the lesion, the OTW dilated balloon catheter can also be used for distal angiography to determine whether the guide wire is located in the true cavity. Therefore, OTW balloon catheter still has certain advantages in the treatment of CTO lesions. 

Dilation balloon catheter

2.Wireguided Balloon Dilatation Catheter

A plastic soft guide wire with a length of 2 cm is fixed at the top of the balloon dilatation catheter. Its shape is the smallest among the commonly used balloon dilatation catheters at present, so the disease spanning rate is increased, and the development effect is ideal. It only needs one person to operate.

3.Perfusion balloon catheter

The perfusion dilation balloon catheter has multiple lateral holes at its proximal and distal ends, so when the balloon is inflated, the blood flow can still enter the distal end of the lesion through the balloon. When the average aortic pressure is 80 mmHg, the distal blood flow can still reach 40-60 ml / min. In the treatment of coronary artery perforation and other complications, the use of perfusion balloon catheter has certain advantages.

4.Rapid exchange dilatation balloon catheter

Rapid exchange balloon catheter is the most widely used balloon catheter in PCI. The catheter has a side hole 25cm from the top of the balloon, and the tail end of the guide wire is inserted through the top of the balloon and passes through the side hole. When replacing the balloon expansion catheter, the guide wire does not need to be extended. Its design features greatly facilitate the operator's operation and save time.

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