What's the use of a disposable snare

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What's the use of a disposable snare

Disposable snareis commonly used in surgery to remove polyps and tumors in various lumens of the human body. It is mainly used with endoscope, and the electric snare also has the advantages of simple structure and convenient control. What's the use of disposable snare? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

The disposable snare mainly includes a control handle and a flexible sheath connected in turn. In the flexible sheath is a control steel wire. One end of the control steel wire is connected with an electrode arranged on the sliding handle of the control handle, and the other end is provided with a ferrule with a guide head and extends to the far end of the flexible sheath. Since the traps of disposable traps are made of elastic metal wires, and they are flat rings after opening, the bending capacity perpendicular to the opening direction is far less than the lateral bending capacity.

Disposable snare

During the operation, the disposable snare extends to the focus position through the endoscope channel, and the snare at the end of the disposable snare traps the polyp or tumor to be removed, and then turns on the high-frequency current. The tissue contacted by the snare generates heat under the action of the high-frequency current, which makes the tissue vaporize and decompose, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Since the heat generated by the tissue contacted by the ferrule will solidify the nearby tissue at the same time, the electric snare has the advantage of hemostasis while cutting.

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