What are the advantages of digestive tract dilation balloon catheter

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What are the advantages of digestive tract dilation balloon catheter

One section of the digestive tract dilation balloon catheter is pointed, but it is not sharp, but a flexible soft tip, which can make the position of the tip smoothly enter the target position and reduce tissue damage. At the same time, the design of the tip can make the balloon dilation catheter smoothly cope with tortuous pathological conditions.

At the other end of the tip about the digestive tract dilation balloon catheter, there will be a flexible catheter with an expandable balloon, which can smoothly enter the lesion without expansion, and then slowly inject liquid into the balloon through the pressure pump of the pressure pump to expand or assist in expanding the narrow digestive tract in human body. When the expansion operation is completed, it can also exit the body smoothly.

Digestive tract dilation balloon catheter mainly has the following advantages:

1.Flexible soft head design, can smoothly enter the target position, with little tissue damage.

2.The balloon is super transparent and easy to observe during expansion.

dilation balloon catheter

3.The balloon is made of imported materials, high pressure resistant, small deformation and safer expansion.

4.Constant temperature shaping after multi wing pleating, good springback and flexible retreat.

5.Optimized design of pipe body, smooth, good elasticity, strong torsional resistance and good trafficability.

6.The radiopaque marking on the balloon can provide accurate positioning under X-rays.

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