What are the technical characteristics of dilation balloon catheter

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What are the technical characteristics of dilation balloon catheter

The dilation balloon catheter is a fast exchange balloon catheter with biosliedetm and xtratm coating, with a balloon near the end of the catheter. Dilation balloon catheter is mainly used for dilation of digestive tract stenosis and auxiliary treatment. It has the advantages of minimally invasive treatment, repeatable operation and good curative effect. What are the technical features of the dilation balloon catheter? I will introduce them in detail below.

The dilation balloon catheter has three main technical characteristics:

1、Small surgical opening and less complications

Compared with traditional surgery, dilation balloon catheter only needs local anesthesia and has the characteristics of small opening. At the same time, it also has the advantages of less bleeding, less trauma, less complications, rapid postoperative recovery, safety and reliability. Dilation balloon catheter can reduce the pain of patients. Moreover, the treatment with dilation balloon catheter is repeatable. When restenosis occurs, it can also be expanded again by minimally invasive methods. In addition, even if the operation fails, it has no obvious effect on further stent or vascular bypass surgery.

dilation balloon catheter

2、Strong bending resistance

For those dilation balloon catheter with coaxial structure that directly use the whole metal reinforced tube, due to the integrity and strong bending resistance of the metal reinforced tube, the blood vessel will be damaged due to a certain force straightening effect on the blood vessel at the initial stage of use. After use, the dilation balloon catheter is often difficult to pull back due to the irreversible bending deformation of the metal tube, and at the same time, it will cause secondary damage to the blood vessel wall, It not only affects the operation process, but also brings greater psychological pressure and pain to the patients.

3.The setting of the reinforcing tube can be flexibly changed

The dilation balloon catheter is provided with a reinforcing tube between the outer tube and the inner tube. Since the reinforcing tube is provided, the dilation balloon catheter has a certain strength, and can smoothly pass through the long-term diffuse lesions, even the lesions with severe calcification. At the same time, the dilation balloon catheter can not only automatically and flexibly change the bending angle according to the actual bending condition of the blood vessel to fit the flexible blood vessel, so as to avoid the vascular damage caused by the forced straightening of the blood vessel, but also avoid the secondary damage to the blood vessel when the catheter is withdrawn due to the irreversible bending deformation of the tube after the external force, which is conducive to the vascular expansion operation.

The above is the introduction of some technical features of the dilation balloon catheter. Changmei Methech is a dilation balloon catheter supplier. We are specialized in the design, development and production of various minimally invasive medical devices, especially focusing on dilation balloon catheter, kyphoplasty balloon catheter, stone basket extraction, etc. we have comprehensive strength from original design, development to mass production. Welcome to consult if you need!

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