What are the precautions for using the dilation balloon catheter

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What are the precautions for using the dilation balloon catheter

The dilation balloon catheter is usually composed of balloon, dilating tube, catheter, etc. The utility model is a medical interventional device, whose main function is to treat the stenosis and expansion of the upper digestive tract. Dilation balloon catheter has the characteristics of high safety, small trauma, fast recovery and low cost, and is easily accepted by patients and their families. So what should be paid attention to when using the dilation balloon catheter? Here are the details.

The following items should be paid attention to when using the dilation balloon catheter:

1.When the balloon enters or exits, the action should be gentle, otherwise the bronchoscope will be easily damaged. When exiting, it must be fully aspirated.

2.To determine the normal diameter of the stenosis site, the balloon diameter selected should be smaller than this diameter.

dilation balloon catheter

3.The balloon with smaller diameter shall be selected for the first expansion. With the improvement of stenosis, the balloon diameter shall be gradually increased. The time for the first expansion shall be short, the pressure shall be low, and the bleeding situation, the patient's reaction and blood gas detection shall be closely observed during the expansion.

4.The patient's blood oxygen saturation continues to decline, the heartbeat continues more than 160 times per minute, and chest pain, cough, severe should immediately stop expanding.

5.If the effect of single expansion is not good, multiple expansion shall be adopted to avoid the first forced repeated expansion, which may lead to complications.

6.The interval between the two expansions should be one week, otherwise it is easy to cause local edema and aggravate the stenosis. In addition, the new scar formed by tearing after expansion may also aggravate the stenosis.

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