What are the technical characteristics of kyphoplasty balloon catheter

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What are the technical characteristics of kyphoplasty balloon catheter

The kyphoplasty balloon catheter is applicable to the minimally invasive operation of percutaneous kyphoplasty to form a channel, restore the height of the vertebral body, and form a bone cement perfusion cavity. It is applicable to vertebral compression fracture caused by middle-aged and elderly osteoporosis, with complete posterior edge of vertebral body and no nerve injury. What are the characteristics of the balloon catheter treatment technology of kyphoplasty?

The kyphoplasty balloon catheter has the following characteristics:

1、Minimally invasive surgical method, less damage to human tissues and less bleeding;

2、The operation is simple and convenient, and the operation time is short (about 25-30min);

kyphoplasty balloon catheter

3、Local anesthesia can be used, with low risk of operation and low probability of complications;

4、Reinforce the injured vertebra immediately to improve the patient's mobility;

5、The pain of patients was relieved immediately after operation, with obvious effect;

6、It can reduce the vertebral body of compression fracture and correct kyphosis.

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