What are the characteristics of wireguided balloon dilatation catheter

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What are the characteristics of wireguided balloon dilatation catheter

The wireguided balloon dilatation catheter uses the controllable radial expansion balloon technology, which is allowed to be used when the pressure is 3 standard atmospheres or higher. When using a wireguided balloon dilatation catheter, its balloon can reach three different and gradually increasing diameters. Wire guided balloon dilatation catheter is mainly used for adults and adolescents to perform dilatation of digestive tract stenosis under endoscopy. What are the characteristics of wireguided balloon dilatation catheter? Here is a detailed introduction.

Wireguided balloon dilatation catheter mainly has the following characteristics:

1.Under specific pressure, the balloon can be gradually enlarged under three different diameters, providing doctors with more choices.

2.The wireguided balloon dilation catheter has an elastic soft tip design, so that it can enter the target position smoothly with less damage to the human body.

3.The wireguided balloon catheter is made of imported materials, which is resistant to high pressure and safer to expand.

wireguided balloon dilatation catheter

4.The radiopaque markers at both ends of the balloon can provide accurate positioning under X-ray.

5.Enter 0.035 "guide wire in advance, with soft tip and mark, so that it is easier to estimate the length of internal guide wire.

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