What are the characteristics of disposable polypectomy snare

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What are the characteristics of disposable polypectomy snare

The disposable polypectomy snare consists of electric coil, tube sheath, cable, protective sleeve, handle, electrode plug and other components. The disposable polypectomy snare can be used together with the endoscope to remove polyps or other redundant tissues in the digestive tract with high-frequency current. What are the characteristics of this disposable polypectomy snare? The following is a detailed introduction.

The disposable polypectomy snare mainly has the following characteristics:

1.The disposable polypectomy snare is made of imported special high-strength medical stainless steel wire, with fast electric cutting and good electrocoagulation effect, ensuring the smooth and safe operation.

2.The handle and the snare of the disposable polypectomy snare can rotate synchronously to improve the surgical efficiency and save time.

3.The disposable polypectomy snare can be compatible with all mainstream high-frequency electrical devices on the market.

disposable polypectomy snare

4.Customized service of various models. The opening of the trap is 1cm to 5cm, which can meet various clinical needs of doctors. The shape of the ferrule is diverse.

5.Ergonomically designed handle makes it easier for the operator to use, thus improving the operation efficiency and enhancing the operation safety.

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