How to use dilation balloon catheter

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How to use dilation balloon catheter

The dilation balloon catheter is a treatment method that is inserted from the nasal cavity or oral cavity to the thoracic esophagus, and repeatedly expands the spastic esophageal entrance by filling the appropriate air bag or water bag to relieve local tension and make food easy to pass. So how to use dilation balloon catheter to treat gastrointestinal stricture? To solve this problem, let Changmei Medtech, the dilation balloon catheter dealer, give you a detailed introduction!

The balloon of the dilation balloon catheter is made of high pressure materials to ensure the expansion safety. Moreover, the balloon of the dilation balloon catheter can easily pass through the 2.8mm biopsy hole through the three-wing fold, and expand under the direct vision of the endoscope, which is safe and convenient.

dilation balloon catheter

There are three main steps when using the dilation balloon catheter:

1、Anesthesia: general anesthesia is selected for patients with main tracheal disease and severe stenosis and long dilation time; The lesion is located in the main bronchus but the function of the opposite lung is poor. The dilation operation may not be completed under local anesthesia, so general anesthesia is recommended.

2、Select the appropriate dilation balloon catheter: understand the diameter and length of normal trachea and bronchus: trachea diameter 16-20 mm, length 10-325 px; The diameter of the right main bronchus is 12-15mm, and the length is 1-50px; The diameter of the right middle bronchus is 12mm and the length is 75px; The diameter of the left main bronchus is 10-14mm and the length is 125px. At present, Changmei Medical can produce dilation balloon catheter of different sizes. The appropriate dilation balloon catheter can be selected according to the inner diameter of the working hole of the therapeutic bronchoscope and the diameter and length of the balloon.

dilation balloon catheter

3、Place catheter and expand it: currently, under the guidance of tracheoscope, insert an dilation balloon catheter through the working channel, determine the expansion position under direct vision, and use a pressure gun pump to inject water into the balloon. The pressure can be selected from 3 to 8 atmospheres to achieve different expansion diameters, and the pressure needs to increase in order from low to high. Each expansion operation is about 30-60 seconds. Observe the effect. If it is ineffective, the lesion can be re-expanded by freezing treatment. If it is still ineffective, the scar can be cut off by high-frequency electroacupuncture and then re-expanded. Do not cut the tracheal membrane. Depending on the extent of expansion, each operation can be repeated 1-10 times. When there is no therapeutic tracheoscope, the combination of fluoroscopy and tracheoscope can be used. First, the guide wire and balloon catheter are placed under fluoroscopy to determine the position of the corresponding stenosis, and then the bronchoscope is inserted to observe the balloon catheter and the stenosis, so that the operator can observe the expansion process of the balloon catheter under direct vision.

Changmei Medtech, as a dilation balloon catheter dealer, has 10 years of experience in producing and selling dilation balloon catheter. We specialize in the design, development and production of various minimally invasive medical devices, especially focusing on dilation balloon catheters. After years of development, the dilation balloon catheter we produce has been exported to Germany, France, Türkiye and other countries, and has been praised by customers.

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