What is the use of disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps

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What is the use of disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps

Disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps are a special tool used in the whole process of endoscopic examination to obtain pathological specimens. The head of disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps is made of medical stainless steel. It adopts rigid four-bar structure and advanced laser welding technology. Its maximum tensile strength is 10kg, and the upper and lower dead points are clear. Disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps are produced in sterile workshops. They need to be disinfected before leaving the factory and cannot be reused. In this way, cross infection can be completely eliminated, which is safe and convenient.

Disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps

The key to the use of disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps lies in the strength of his hands. Generally, ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb are used together with biopsy forceps. Disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps should be moderately strong in the process of use, and do not switch too hard. In this way, not only can it not get the diseased tissue well, but also it is easy to damage the biopsy forceps. The strength of disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps is the basis of all accessories. You may not feel this during general biopsy, but if you take foreign bodies, especially coins, alligator jaws forceps, when you clamp coins, alligator jaws forceps are too stretched and used too hard, it is difficult to clamp coins stably. To operate disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps, you need to open the forceps slightly larger than the edge of coins, It happens that the forceps can cross the edge of the coin. At this time, use steady force to clamp the coin firmly. When practicing, you should pay attention to the strength and self feeling of opening the biopsy forceps to any size.

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