How to use stone basket extraction

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How to use stone basket extraction

Stone basket extraction is generally used for the treatment of urinary system stones and common bile duct stones. Generally, when the stone is crushed by machine, there will be a problem that the stone cannot be fixed. At this time, it is necessary to extract the stone basket to fix the stone, and it is also necessary to extract the stone head from the body to the outside.

Stone basket extraction is a common stone taking tool in ERCP. For most beginners, their concept of stone basket extraction is just "a tool for fishing for stones", which is not the case in fact.

About the use of stone basket extraction:

1、To choose a suitable stone basket, it mainly depends on the shape of the stone basket, the diameter of the stone basket, and whether to select or standby emergency stone crusher.

2、As for the diameter of the stone basket, the corresponding stone basket should be selected according to the size of the stone.

Stone basket extraction

3、As for the stone taking skills, take out the basket above the stone and try to set the stone under angiographic observation.

4、Conditions for the extraction and use of stone basket: first, there is enough space above or beside the stone to open the stone basket. Secondly, we should avoid taking too large stones. In this case, even if the stone basket is completely opened, it cannot be taken.

Stone basket extraction is a practical minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of bile duct stones, and the success rate is high. For non sediment stones, stone basket extraction is mostly used to extract stones. This method is economical and convenient, does not need to be hospitalized, and has the characteristics of less pain and rapid recovery.

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