What is the function of balloon catheter

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What is the function of balloon catheter

Balloon catheter is a commonly used interventional medical device, which is disposable. Its function is like sending the tool to the blocked / narrow position to dredge when the sewer is blocked or narrowed, resulting in blocked water (blood) flow.

Balloon dilatation catheter is composed of balloon, dilatation tube, catheter seat and guide wire. By implanting the dilating catheter into the blood vessel as the treatment conductor, the guide wire dredges the blood vessel through the catheter, and the catheter does not need to be replaced. Balloon dilating catheter can simply dilate the blood vessels at the blocked part, so that the blood vessels with reduced inner diameter can return to the state of normal inner diameter. If the purpose of expanding the inner diameter of blood vessels cannot be achieved by simply expanding the balloon catheter, stent implantation will be selected.

Balloon catheter

Balloon dilatation refers to the improvement of local vascular stenosis through balloon dilatation, and stent is to relieve local stenosis through the support of stent. Balloon dilatation is usually given before stent implantation, which can make the stent adhere to the wall better. Balloon dilatation without stent implantation, simple balloon dilatation is easy to cause restenosis. Of course, some blood vessels are relatively small, and simple balloon dilatation can also be performed without appropriate stent implantation.

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