What are the characteristics of disposable snare

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What are the characteristics of disposable snare

Disposable snare is a kind of device used to ligate blood vessels, polyps or other pipeline structures by tightening the slip knot made with absorbable thread or synthetic thread with nylon rod. It is easy to operate and has been applied to various laparoscopic abdomens. in surgery. The disposable snare has the characteristics of insulation and dielectric strength in line with national standards, safety and reliability.

Disposable snare

Disposable snare is suitable for resection of pedunculated and sessile polyps larger than 0.5cm. For pedunculated polyps, a disposable snare should be placed on the pedicle and the residual pedicle should be retained for about 1 cm before electrification to avoid perforation caused by deep tissue burns. For sessile polyps, hypertonic saline or 1:10000 epinephrine solution should be injected into 1 to 2 points at the base of the polyp, 1.0 ml per point, to avoid damage to the muscle layer and serosa layer during one-time snare removal. Using a double biopsy tunnel endoscope, the head of the polyp was first lifted with grasping forceps to make its base form a false pedicle, and then snare excision was performed.

Disposable snare is composed of electric coil, sheath, cable, sheath, handle and electrode connector, etc. It is disposable and sterilized by ethylene oxide. Changmei Medical is a manufacturer of endoscope accessories. The endoscope accessories we produce include disposable polypectomy snare, disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps, basket extraction, etc. If you need it, welcome to consult!

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