What are the factors that affect the effect of dlation balloon catheter

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Dlation balloon catheter is a kind of medical device mainly used for adults and teenagers to dilate the narrow part of digestive tract under endoscopy. Its appearance has greatly improved our therapeutic effect, so what factors will affect the effect of dlation balloon catheter?

There are three main factors that affect the use effect of dlation balloon catheter, they are the design of its own top, the connecting section of dlation balloon catheter and the push rod of dlation balloon catheter. These three factors are introduced in detail below.

1.Self top design

The outer diameter hardness and length of the dlation balloon catheter tip can affect the ability of the balloon to pass through the lesion. The conical tip design in its structure is conducive to reducing the outer diameter of the balloon tip and improving the tracking of the catheter. The application of laser welding and other technologies is conducive to further reducing the outer diameter of the dlation balloon catheter tip. Generally speaking, the short and hard balloon dilating catheter is easier to pass through the severely narrow lesion, while the long soft head balloon dilating catheter is more suitable for the treatment of curved lesion.

Dlation balloon catheter

2.Connecting segment

As the position between the connecting balloon and the pushing rod determines the pushing and folding ability of the balloon to a great extent. At present, central steel wire is added to the connecting section of most balloons to enhance the support force, so that the balloon has better pushing and folding ability.

3.Push rod

The dlation balloon catheter with metal push rod has good push performance, which can enable the dlation balloon catheter to be smoothly sent to the lesion. If the lesion is forked, the relationship between the outer diameter of the balloon push rod and the inner diameter of the guide catheter should also be considered. In general, a reliable guide catheter should be used to improve the success rate of surgery.

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