Which diseases can be treated with kyphoplasty balloon catheter

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Which diseases can be treated with kyphoplasty balloon catheter

At present, some elderly people suffer from low back pain due to vertebral fracture caused by osteoporosis. In this case, spinal compression fracture may occur under the action of slight external force. This will cause patients pain, some need to stay in bed for a long time, and the quality of life will be significantly reduced. Kyphoplasty balloon catheter is a new minimally invasive technique for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. Kyphoplasty balloon catheter not only has small trauma and fast recovery, but also can quickly alleviate the pain of patients and make them recover from functional exercise in the early stage, which provides time and possibility for subsequent etiological treatment.

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter can place the inflated balloon into the collapsed vertebral body, restore the height of the vertebral body through balloon expansion, correct kyphotic deformity, and form a cavity, allowing bone cement to be poured under low pressure, which can significantly reduce the probability of bone cement overflow in theory. Kyphoplasty balloon catheter is mainly suitable for the treatment of the following diseases:

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter

(1)Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (including hormone induced osteoporosis), which are ineffective after brace and drug treatment;

(2)Primary or metastatic bone tumor of vertebral body;

(3)Multiple myeloma involving vertebral lesions;

(4)Vertebral hemangioma;

(5)Osteoporotic vertebral burst fracture.

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter can be used for minimally invasive interventional treatment under local anesthesia. The operation time is short, the incision is 0.5-0.8cm, the bleeding is 2-3ml, and the analgesic effect is clear. It has the effect of alleviating pain and reconstructing the biological mechanical strength of bones at the same time. Moreover, the postoperative recovery is fast and the hospitalization time is short, which significantly reduces the time for patients with vertebral compression fractures to stay in bed and need caregivers.

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