What are the advantages of 3-stage dilation balloon catheter

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What are the advantages of 3-stage dilation balloon catheter

The 3-stage dilation balloon catheter is a kind of medical interventional device, whose main function is to expand the upper digestive tract stenosis. The treatment of the 3-stage dilation balloon catheter includes complete or incomplete opening of the cricopharyngeal muscle, swallowing disorder, etc. Therefore, the interventional therapy of 3-stage dilation balloon catheter with perfect service has gradually become a means to treat upper gastrointestinal stenosis due to its advantages of minimally invasive, repeatable operation and good effect. The advantages of 3-stage dilation balloon catheter will be introduced in detail below.

3-stage dilation balloon catheter has the following advantages:

1.The 3-stage dilation balloon catheter can form three different expansion diameters under three different pressures, and a three-stage balloon can expand three conventional non compliant balloons;

2.The unique elastic soft head design can smoothly enter the target and reduce the damage to the patient's tissues;

3.The rapid drainage design can complete the operation faster;

3-stage dilation balloon catheter

4.The balloon raw material is imported from abroad, with thickened wall design, high pressure resistance and safer expansion;

5.The balloon adopts multi wing folding and constant temperature shaping, with good recoverability, which is easy to withdraw from the working channel;

6.The optimized tube has smooth wall, good elasticity, strong twisting resistance and good pushing performance;

7.The balloon is installed with the development mark, which is clearly visible under X-ray, and the positioning is accurate;

8.The balloon size and expansion information shall be clearly marked on the sheath label and instrument label for easy identification;

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