What is a disposable polypectomy Snare

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What is a disposable polypectomy Snare

Disposable polypectomy snare is one of the commonly used digestive endoscopy accessories in endoscopic therapy. It is mainly used for resection of polyps, protuberant lesions, flat lesions, and even early cancer of the digestive tract. In addition, there are also applications with similar principles, such as gastrolith and stone crusher, mesh bag for removing foreign bodies, and assisting ultra-fine endoscope to enter the biliary tract for observation and treatment.

Disposable polypectomy snares have a long history in polypectomy, and are widely used and the most classic. Through continuous development, the material and technology of snares are constantly improved. Combined with the needs of endoscopic doctors, the types of snares are also beginning to be various.

The disposable polypectomy snare is mainly composed of an operating handle, a SNARE core and an outer sheath tube. The function of the snare device is mainly concentrated on the SNARE core. Of course, it does not mean that the outer sheath is useless. The outer sheath is mainly used for auxiliary purposes. However, the use of non electrified snares mentioned later will have a better effect.

Disposable polypectomy snare

There are two kinds of tips of disposable polypectomy snares. One is "tip bending" and the other is tip insulation. "Tip bending" helps the snare to have a better natural opening force when it comes out of the sheath. At the same time, it opens the snare after the tip is fixed in the special lesions and parts that are difficult to capture, which is conducive to the complete capture of the target area. Although the other kind of "tip insulation" is rarely used, we should also know that the tip of this snare can avoid accidental damage or perforation, especially when the mucosa is weak.

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